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St. Charles, IL / N. Kansas City, MO / Birmingham, AL – Day 113-115



Things definitely turned up a notch

A little Tennessee whisky

A lil’ Alabama scotch

Got a new leather wallet

Time to put a new battery in this ol’ beat up watch

NKansasCity1 StCharles1 StCharles2




Semi-famous bluesman with Semi-famous rockstar

Semi-famous bluesman with Semi-famous rockstar

Birmingham2 Birmingham1 Avatar2 Avatar1

Grand Rapids, MI / Northfield, OH / Louisville, KY – Day 110-112

Back on the bus

Now “you’re one of us”

I’m just one of so many

Who hope to change your world for the better

Twenty four hours at a time

Grand Rapids1Grand Rapids3 Grand Rapids4 NorthfieldGrand Rapids2 Louisville

Nashville, TN – And Mo’ So to come… Summer 2014

The journey continues this summer at a city nearĀ you.

Thanks so much for following me and I’ll try to post more often in the near future. :)




Keb 'Mo' DVD Bootleg

Fredericton, NB / Skokie, IL – Day 108 & 109

To do something you are passionate about

You must put up with a lot of bullshit

Bite your tongue

Swallow your pride

But don’t ever lose your gut instinct… ever.

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Milwaukee, WI / Rochester, MN / St. Joseph, MN / Fish Creek, WI – Day 104-107

9-11 supposed to have changed everyone.

It did, for a few months at least.

Then why (oh why) do I feel like we’ve learned nothing?

Greed is still glorified.

Humility is horrified.

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Copper Mountain, CO / Bedford, TX – Day 102 & 103

Sometimes you can’t have it all

But you can enjoy what it’s in your hands

You can smell the rice on your plate

You can hear the wind hitting the leaves

You can sleep it off

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Cambridge/Malmesbury, UNITED KINGDOM / Marciac, FRANCE – Day 99-101






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