Santa Fe, MN/Boulder/Aspen/Lone Tree/Beaver Creek/Steamboat Springs, CO – Day 149-154

TIP #1: Usually, in the hotel fitness center… uhh… gym, there’s a decent water cooler to fill your water bottle up. Save your money buying (or conscience using) water bottles, and refill in the gym. Use the blue colored tap where the water is icey cold.

TIP #2: Never eat sushi in a bar/restaurant where you get a sense that the word “bar” takes precedent over “restaurant.” Bad sign = bad sushi, and overpriced at that.

I would also declare that the fried fish tastes just as good at Logan Airport as it is on Revere Beach.

Sandpoint, ID/Bend, OR/Jacksonville, OR/Billings, MT – Day 145-148

Hotel/Airport travel tips:

1. I’ve gotten good at tossing my shower gel, sponge, and personal facewash into the sink bowl from the shower. That way, I don’t leave any of this in the hotel room.

2. Take a piss (or even #2) in the bathroom on the baggage claim floor. Usually it’s much cleaner than the bathrooms upstairs on the main levels, where the departure gates are.

Lesson learned…

I had a “per diem” delay from our tour manager. It can cause a lot of anxiety and stress, when it doesn’t have to. You start playing games with your own mind. Like “he hates my guts and has singled me out…” You can make the switch in your mindset in a snap. Believe, really believe, that cash is in good hands. To some degree, it’s in better hands than your own, especially when it’s dangerous to have a fist full of 100s on your day off. Focus on the positives. Stay in that mindframe.