It’s a new year. Perfect moment to look back and be grateful. Made it up to this point. Let’s kick 2023 off with this all-time classic. Colors also repping CNY, too. Let’s go.


I’m closing out 2022 strong. Been a healing period, so these represent diversification. Ain’t afraid of controversy either (Kyrie 4s). Besides, jealousy gets you nowhere.

Red Butte, UT > Grand Junction, CO > Santa Fe, NM > Andover, KS > New York, NY – Day 201-205

Just one more show this coming weekend. It’s been over a year and I just can’t seem to fully exhale. Not until I’m finally home for a while. I was in Santa Fe and sat on a stone bench, only to find 2 stones at the end of this bench (see picture). I instantly thought about Mom and Monk. They were right there beside me. They’ve been there the entire time. That’s how I have to see things right now. That’s what gets me through the hours.

Tour tip: Place the almonds, dried fruit, brown sugar (however you eat it) at the bottom of your bowl/cup, THEN pour the oatmeal into your bowl.

August 2022: Healing Time in Paris

This is that time of my life. Post Mom. Post Monk. Exactly ten years have passed. I’m finally posting something here. I have no excuse as to why I haven’t shared pictures here. I’m on Facebook. I’m on Instagram. The new and current way. I was living life and enjoying being a dog-dad. But those duties are completed. Silence is brutal, so I enjoy the rumbling sound of the public bus or subway car. I’m listening to music through my earpods and staring at strangers. When I have free WIFI, it’s one podcast after another. Then I stop to eat. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices here in France.

I’m getting ready to do something very special this summer – in the studio and on the live stage. In that case, I’m still keepin’ a low profile, but still gonna stand out amongst the crowd.

Original Chinese Feiyue sneakers – vintage black – with the rubber gum soles and authentic green triangle

Puma black suede classics with the charcoal grey stripes