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Kansas City, MO/Wausau, WI/St. Louis, MO/Hot Springs, AR – Day 120-123

Back on the road

This never gets old

Been a long time since

Feels good playing this music once again

Good to see old friends

StLouis2_LoResStLouis4_LoResWisconsin1LoResHot Springs, AR 9.20.15Knuckleheads, Kansas City, MO 9.17.15


Dallas/Austin/Houston/San Antonio, TX – Day 116-119

Sometimes staying home is a good thing

As long as it’s sometimes

Sometimes being on the road is a blessing

As long as it unwinds

It doesn’t have to be this vicious circle

But more like a caramel coated candy apple

Where each bite is deep, eternally sweet

Melting in your mouth ever so slowly 

As we reflect


Austin4Houston1Houston2 Dallas1Avatar3SanAntonio11

St. Charles, IL / N. Kansas City, MO / Birmingham, AL – Day 113-115



Things definitely turned up a notch

A little Tennessee whisky

A lil’ Alabama scotch

Got a new leather wallet

Time to put a new battery in this ol’ beat up watch

NKansasCity1 StCharles1 StCharles2




Semi-famous bluesman with Semi-famous rockstar

Semi-famous bluesman with Semi-famous rockstar

Birmingham2 Birmingham1 Avatar2 Avatar1

Grand Rapids, MI / Northfield, OH / Louisville, KY – Day 110-112

Back on the bus

Now “you’re one of us”

I’m just one of so many

Who hope to change your world for the better

Twenty four hours at a time

Grand Rapids1Grand Rapids3 Grand Rapids4 NorthfieldGrand Rapids2 Louisville

Nashville, TN – And Mo’ So to come… Summer 2014

The journey continues this summer at a city near you.

Thanks so much for following me and I’ll try to post more often in the near future. 🙂




Keb 'Mo' DVD Bootleg

Fredericton, NB / Skokie, IL – Day 108 & 109

To do something you are passionate about

You must put up with a lot of bullshit

Bite your tongue

Swallow your pride

But don’t ever lose your gut instinct… ever.

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Milwaukee, WI / Rochester, MN / St. Joseph, MN / Fish Creek, WI – Day 104-107

9-11 supposed to have changed everyone.

It did, for a few months at least.

Then why (oh why) do I feel like we’ve learned nothing?

Greed is still glorified.

Humility is horrified.

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