Rutland, VT / Portland, ME – Day 31 & 32

Sometimes the pictures say it all.

Some days of the week, the record store is closed.

Some coffee shops have that vibe that suit me just right.

Some fish tacos taste better than others.

Sometimes I forget where I am.

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Westhampton, NY / Englewood, NJ – Day 29 & 30

We have the day off today.  I picked up a fleece jacket in Vermont.  I can be SO predictable sometimes.  But no I didn’t pick up the Lada Gaga documentary for $3.99.  That’s what YouTube is for, right ?

I’m hungry, but I need a shower.  I need several things.  But gotta take the time to be grateful, first.

Yeah.  Breathe.  Vermont.  It’s a beautiful sunny day.

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Northampton/Somerville, MA – Day 27 & 28

Being home.  Really home.  Boston.  Was something special for me this time around. It always is.  But this time, Mom came to the show.  She actually does from time to time.  It was a little more special last night.  VIP treatment all the way through. She deserves every little bit, and more so.  I miss her already.

I had a little breakthrough, too musically. Took some chances on the Rhodes keyboard.  Don’t think the band minded at all.  Gonna keep trying some ideas.  But let go… let God do the talking.

Picked up some music and video, too. Thanks Northampton.  The food, the vibe, the people – have always felt like a wonderful getaway for me.  I used to play there almost every month many moons ago.  I’ve got a bunch of DAT tapes, too… one day they’ll see the light of day.  Those gigs were pretty cool.

I got a little time to nap now.  Pop in a DVD and get more inspired.  Down time is really necessary with a lot of madness ahead.  Some madness behind. Many friends I just wasn’t able to hang with before or after the show.  Wanted to, but I figured quality time with fewer folks translates into a better time.

Richard Pryor always keeps it real for me.  I’m just sayin’…

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Lebanon, NH – Day 26

These family issues never go away, do they?

Trouble as usual on the homefront.  But it will soon pass.  All the stress of dealing with property is only temporary.  You just gotta hang in there.

And stay relaxed.  Being uptight about it won’t make anything move faster.

I gotta eat some breakfast. I’ve got less than an hour.

No problem. No stress.

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New York, NY – Day 25

It happened once again last night.

You say you remember seeing me eleven years ago.  Then you remember seeing me five years ago.  And you’re so glad to see me last night, though you didn’t know that I’d be there.  In fact, you didn’t even know it was me until my name was mentioned.

I did make a big announcement (three times actually) about the tour.  Guess you weren’t following as closely as you say you were.

Don’t lie to me.  Don’t bullshit me.  I can smell it once you walk in the door.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been here.  I lived in this city from 2003 til 2009.  I played all around – probably over two hundred times.  Never saw you in the crowd.

And people tell me I should simply be grateful.  I am.  Maybe you were there once or twice, and you didn’t have time to say hello.  If I asked you when was the last time you saw me here, you mention my friend’s name.  Yeah, that was 2006.  I know you’re busy, but c’mon.

You don’t fool me.  See ya next time.  Maybe you’ll pick up an album of mine post-1999.  There were a couple of ’em out in the lobby.  You like to party, but don’t like to clean, as the ole saying goes.  I’m a little bitter about it.  Only coz I feel like I let you down.

I didn’t quite make the big-time and you were just waiting for me to arrive.  Or maybe I’ve already made it, and you’re late.

They also say that the same people you see on the way up are the same people you see on the way down.  That doesn’t apply here.  Never saw you on the way up.

I know, I know.  Gratitude, not attitude.  That’s why I blog.

And if you’re reading this now, just know that I say this with love, and that I’m grateful that you remember me.

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Kennett Square, PA – Day 24

I’ve got about 2 and 1/2 hour before I head out again and into Manhattan.

I was walking around Hoboken again and it brought back a lot of memories.  I’m grateful for all of them, good and bad.

Grace, acceptance, and gratitude.  This instead of revenge, anger, and envy.

The sun is shining outside and it’s a perfect day weather-wise.  I’m starting to see, once again, who are truly my friends.  Friends reach out to friends, and at times, will go out of their way to connect.  I try my best not to resent anyone.  Those feelings are very hard to suppress, of course.

But these kinds of people are only spiritual reminders of my awareness of who really loves me, and who may be trying to simply get something from me.  I only hope I’m not reading too much into anything.

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Greensburg, PA – Day 23

I love these old theaters.  I just feel weird spelling the word with a “t-R-E”… who started that trend?

I wonder who has played here?  The word “Palace” just sounds classic to me.

Springsteen?  Ray Charles?  Billy Joel?

I’m still in Pennsylvania, but can’t wait to get to NYC.  We arrive late tonight.

We’re ready.  Are you?

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