Hamburg/Munich, Germany – Day 40 & 41

It’s good to be back on the road again.  But it has its challenges…

Challenge #1: Take care of business without the luxury of a cell phone.  Tenants, dishwasher problem, etc…

Challenge #2: Finding my soul food. Two weeks without a decent steamed dumpling or rice dish ? It’s not PHO everyone.

Challenge #3: DON’T GET SICK.  Too late.  My throat has that pinching dry feeling on the right side of my ear.  Ouch. Lozenges will be key.

Challenge #4: Avoid cute boutiques.  It’s too tempting to buy a groovy T-shirt that I have to have and support the local owner. But I’m not a rich man.  I’ll also try to stay clear of the record stores.  Hmmm.  That might be even harder.  Avoid H&M stores if possible, too.  An even bigger temptation.  The excuse is always because I need something to wear for the show.  Yeah, right.

Challenge #5: The Euro.  And my U.S. dollar ain’t worth squash here.

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Milwaukee, WI / Chicago, IL / Nashville, TN – Day 37, 38 & 39

Made it home to Nashville… sorta.  Just enough time to shower, drop off a few things I picked up on the road, and kidnap my dog to Arkansas.

Chicago never seems to get old for me.  Got to stay downtown for the first time and it was definitely an eye-opening experience.  Wow-Bao, Jazz Record Mart and that used bookstore next door.  Even got to play the fool, drink 1 glass of red wine too many (which was one glass), and have my heart broken once again.

More songs to come I guess.  And Coltrane awaits.

This 4 week journey ends tonight, and another begins in Hong Kong.  And I’m craving dim sum right now.

I sang at The Ryman finally.  Life can always get better.  And it will.  And it has.

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Albany/Buffalo, NY – Day 35 & 36

My free time is precious these days.  I gotta plan ahead, especially the things I can’t do.  Dim sum with Rick and Sandy – done.  Happy.

The new Chuck Klosterman novel is out and I couldn’t be more excited.   Just the idea of reading some fiction again is nice.

Anything to get my mind off of work and career plans is a good thing.

I do love my job though, but gotta keep this balance going.  Plus the writer in me is telling me to read read read.

Tabloid magazines at the airport do not count.

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Concord, NH / Red Bank, NJ – Day 33 & 34

In the dressing room, got a little quiet time.  Nice.

About to bite into an apple.

It’s a simple things.  Can’t forget that.  Ever.

I remember my brother teaching me how to ride a bike, and the moment when he let go.  Then there’s that feeling of freedom.

I’m moved to tears inside my heart.  We’re getting older and all we have are these memories really.

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