Basel, Switzerland / London, UK – Day 48 & 49

Sometimes it’s just nice to sit and drink coffee all afternoon.  And feel no guilt of being lazy.

Sometimes it’s a little cold inside.  That’s what fleece was made for.  Problem solved.

Sometimes it’s okay to spend $30 on CDs and DVDs.  CDs ?  What’s that ?

Sometimes it’s good to feel happy.  My boss said one time “I’m thinking BIG.”  And I knew exactly what he meant.

Sometimes it’s sometimes, but not always.

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Groningen/Utrecht, Holland – Day 46 & 47

I had a fishbone stuck in my tonsil over the past week.  I didn’t know it was that serious.  But you’ll notice in the picture – it’s over an inch in length !!!  Ouch.

I’m on the road to recovery.

But not on all cylinders.  But sometimes you gotta go all the way to the other side to find out it’s a bad idea to go in the first place.  I came back to my room and wrote an entire song in one sitting.  Well… 3 verses.

I’d say it was worth the walk.

Just wish it wasn’t such an expensive one.

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Vienna, Austria / Berlin, Germany – Day 42 & 43

It’s an hour from showtime.  And I’m drinking ginger honey tea.  Rock n’ roll folks.

I’ve never been one to open my mouth and say something incredibly clever.

I think it’s the fear of being annoying.  Saying something incredibly stupid and inappropriate. Or just not getting a single laugh.

I’m the guy who adds an extra joke as the crowd is walking away.  I’m the guy who says something and no one responds.

I’m feeling sorry for myself right now.  I gotta stop doing that.  Time to re-write that gratitude list.

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