Eu Claire, WI / Minneapolis, MN / Fayetteville, AR / Lafayette, LA – Day 60-63

The internet is not free for this hotel.  It never was.

Some things feel like they’re free of charge – at the moment.

But my Dad used to tell me “Nothing in life is free.”

Of course, my initial response is “Well, MUSIC is.”

Then again, my piano lessons as a teenager were not.

Dad – you’re right… again.

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Lexington, KY / Royal Oak & Grand Rapids, MI – Day 57-59

Sorry it took this long to post.

But who am I talking to here ?  You ?  Me ?

Yeah, the world is made of universal dust really.  Everything we do, say, act upon is an action unto itself – or more specifically MYself.

So I gotta cool down (as my Dad used to tell me) before I get all emotionally distraught.

And it’s usually over small stuff.

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