Byron Bay, Australia / Tauranga, New Zealand – Day 77 & 78

One journey is over and another begins

Nobody loses and everybody wins

Green pastures and New Zealand’s like a dream

What just happened?

May is just around the corner.

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Newcastle/Melbourne, Australia – Day 75 & 76

I hide the things that would actually set me free

I reveal what is actually just protecting me for the time being

The time being only the moment when I am in the public eye

But all this means nothing as I am still protecting myself from judgement

I wanna scream at the top of my lungs and then ask why we are so shallow most of the time.

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Perth/Sydney, Australia – Day 73 & 74

I’m relieved.  Gratitude always wins in the end.

It continues to save me in so many ways.

Grateful for my two hands. Grateful for my good friends.

And there are so many coffee shops here in this country

Not a single Starbucks in sight.

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